Why are we better? Why shouldn't you use certain companies, depending on their drain cleaning technique? How often should you get your line cleaned? Find the answers here or contact Econo Sewer and Drain today for a same-day estimate.

What is hydro-jetting?

This is the best method of sewer and drain cleaning. It uses a high-pressure water system to safely and thoroughly blast away tree roots, scale, sludge, and sewage build-up in your pipes. This method doesn't just break down the clogs, it flushes them out and prevents them from building up again. We're your hydro-jetting experts.

What is power rodding?

This is the traditional method of sewer and drain cleaning. It uses an electric motor, steel cable, and cutting head to penetrate blockages and break them down. We offer power rodding and hydro-jetting as options to you, depending on your clog severity. This saves you money while still providing adequate results.

How often should I have my sewer cleaned?

At least once a year. Your home probably has a standard 6" sewer line, which typically requires a professional cleaning annually. This prevents build-up and damage from occurring, which may require excavation or replacement if left untreated.

Why are my drains gurgling or making bubbling noises?

This is a sign that your sewer line or drains are experiencing a blockage. Your water is draining more slowly, and the noise you hear is the result of water being disrupted and flowing unevenly over an obstruction. A professional cleaning is necessary.

Why won't my toilet drain fully / why is it draining slowly?

This is a sign of a blockage or obstruction in your toilet or sewer line. This can occur from flushing non-disposable objects down the toilet, or simply from long-term use without service. A professional cleaning is highly recommended.

I've had repeat cleanings, but my sewer is still blocked! Why?

This is because the company that provided service did not address the problem itself. Your cleaner likely did not use an adequate cutter to fully break up and remove the clog. In this case, hydro-jetting is highly recommended. Or, our larger 6" cutter will get the job done the right way.

Your sewer line may also continue to seem clogged because the piping may be cracked, off-set, or separated underground. This allows dirt and debris to enter the system, clogging it. Or, your piping may not have the right angle to drain due to settling or erosion. Our televised sewer line inspection will identify the actual problem, so we can fix it the right way, once and for all.